Halloween on the Space Coast: Trail of Terror

Get ready to run for your life when you visit the Space Coast at the all-new Trail of Terror at Treetop Trek. This walk-through experience will send scare-seekers on a nocturnal journey through a pitch-black, half-mile trail designed with hauntingly vivid details. You never know what may be lurking behind the next tree, which is why Trail of Terror says to #RunForYourFreakinLife.


Based on a fictional tale about the Woods family, they are known as the finest purveyors of meat in the area, but very little is known about the family and how they run their livestock operation. Once a year, as a way to show their thanks to the community, they invite locals to their ranch to enjoy some southern hospitality, and this year you’re invited too!


However, in year’s past, some of their guests ventured into the nearby woods only to never be seen again. Would you still go knowing this? If you do, you better prepare to run for your life!


Here’s what to expect when you visit the Trail of Terror:


  • Trail of Terror is not a ride but an intense, adult-oriented walk-through experience that lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The attraction features live actors, elaborate sets, and terrifying special effects.
  • Groups up to 12 people are admitted every few minutes to the experience.
  • The Trail of Terror is not suitable for small children.
  • The experience ends with an after party with a DJ, bar, and food to purchase.


The Trail of Terror is meant to scare you, but if you get too scared, there are marked exits about halfway through. And for those who may be sensitive to fog, flashing lights, loud noises, or prolonged darkness, it is recommended that you do not participate.


Trail of Terror will take place on Fridays and Saturdays, October 9 – 31 starting at 8:30 p.m. at the entrance of Treetop Trek on the Brevard Zoo property. The experience will run as scheduled, even in the rain. Purchase tickets here or at the Trail of Terror.


Make the most of the Halloween season when you visit the Space Coast. To learn more about what the Space Coast offers, please browse our other blogs.



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