Brevard Manatees Teams Up With Kennedy Space Center

Brevard County Manatees have teamed up with Kennedy Space Center to host Kennedy Space Center Weekend at Space Coast Stadium from May 7-9 when they take on the Tampa Yankees in a three game series.

As part of this collaboration, the Manatees will officially change their name to the Brevard County Space Explorers and wear specialty space-themed jerseys and caps that were designed by Kennedy Space Center employee, Angela Krenn for the weekend.

Brevard-Space-Explorers-580According to Kren, “The shirt design uses images from the Hubble Space Telescope to show the Comet ISON against a backdrop of distant galaxies and stars. ISON was the comet which was torn apart when rounding the Sun in 2013. The hat design is an image of Jupiter, also taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Featured prominently on the front is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which is a 10,000-mile wide hurricane-like storm.” Krenn is a cryogenics engineer for NASA, focusing on propellant systems.

Other highlights of the weekend include, postgame fireworks, NASA and KSC educational exhibits and displays, photos with the KSC Visitor Complex Spaceman, and activities and entertainment for the entire family on May 9.  The Fur Circus, a traveling live circus-themed character mascot group who specializes in humor, will also be in attendance.

Tickets for all three games start at just $6 and can be purchased by calling 321-633-9200 or online at For more information on Kennedy Space Center Weekend, contact Chad Lovitt at 321-633-9200 ext. 2017 or by e-mail at


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