New Owner of Cocoa Beach Pier’s Ready to Renovate Landmark

David Siegel, the president and CEO of Westgate Resorts along with his business partnet Jim Gissy are pushing up their shirtsleeves and getting ready to restore the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Although the the Pier currently features five restaurants, four bars, gift shops, and an 800-foot long fishing pier.  The pair is looking to return the local Space Coast landmark to its former glory by looking to rehabbing some of the older properties and bring in new tenants such as Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Starbucks, and Hershey’s ice Cream.

Siegel and his partner said the renovations will take millions of dollars into making it a world-class destination once again.  In a recent Orlando Business Journal interview, Siegal said, “It’s not often you can get involved in a world-famous iconic pier like that. We’re going to add a lot of things, improve everything it currently does have, change menus and upgrade the foods; the whole experience. We’re looking forward to having more people come over from Orlando.”

Siegel also said there were plans to add a beach club with swimming pools, showers and locker rooms, as well as building on another 10,000-15,000 square feet to the pier.



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