Indian River Queen to Host President’s Day Scenic Historical Cruise


The Indian River Queen will mark President’s Day with a special historic scenic cruise down the Indian River. The cruise will be highlighted by a Professional Narration featuring Historic & Site Seeing Nature Tour on the historic community of Cocoa, Florida which was established in the 1800’s.  

Passengers will discover that the “Indian River Queen” is very much like the boats which traveled in the rivers in the 1800’s when most people lived along the river so that they could get their supplies delivered to them at their docks. The water was very shallow so the residents had really long docks so the big boats could stop to deliver groceries and other supplies which had to be delivered by boats. The boats would blast their horns when they were passing through so that people had time to meet them at the dock. When they needed the supply boat to stop at their dock they would hang a white cloth on the end of the dock so the boat would know to stop.   Cattle were also moved in herds by boat and the mail man even delivered mail by boat.

This is a scenic tour and dinner service is NOT available.  A cash bar will be available for refreshments and snacks during the cruise. Boarding photo, Sales tax,  and admin fees is also included in all inclusive fee.

Date: Monday,  February  17, 2014 from 4:00pm – 6:00 pm from 90 Delannoy Avenue in historic Cocoa Village

Regular  Cost:  $58pp  PRESIDENTS DAY DISCOUNTED PRICE $35 PP (Limited to 150 passengers per cruise)


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