Florida Space Coast Into Space Game App

On Thursday, August 15, Independent developer  FIREBRAND GAMES  will release Solar Flux HD, a puzzle game for the iPad that tasks players  to explore the universe while saving it from imminent extinction.  As players of this new video game travel through space in a virtual attempt to save dying stars, the Space Coast Office of Tourism hopes the game will do its part to help attract tourists to the Space Coast.

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Combining full retina HD, 3D graphics that beautifully display the wonders of our universe and classic puzzle mechanics, Solar Flux HD takes place 100 years into the future where our universe is in its death throes.

As a cosmic explorer, you are the universe’s last hope. Save dying stars by delivering critical fragments of plasma to the suns and restore their state of equilibrium. Use the universe to your advantage with gravitational fields and orbits to slingshot around planets, stars and moons, ride solar flares and hide in planetary shadows. Proceed with caution as dangerous  asteroids, black holes and scorching suns can end your mission, along with the universe’s hope for survival. Solar Flux HD features four gorgeous galaxies and over 80 interstellar missions.

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex joins the Space Coast Office of Tourism  as they cross promote this intergalactic puzzle game in social media and in promotional material. Details are being worked out for a national contest, offering players of  SOLAR FLUX  a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to the Space Coast and possibly an opportunity to help design additional levels of the game. In addition, both entities will be part of the game credits as well as appearing on video trailers.

Solar Flux HD is available for the iPad in the App Store for $3.99. Solar Flux is being introduced initially through the Apple app store exclusively for use on the iPad and later may be made available for use on the iPhone and other platforms.


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