Slater Brother’s Continue To Raise Awareness About Skin Cancer

The Slater brothers,comprised of Skippy, Sean and world champion surfer Kelly, continue their ongoing fight to prevent skin cancer with the 7th Annual Slater Brothers Invitational!

Slated for the third weekend in October! The brother’s seventh invitational will be held from October 26-28, 2012 and will include a three-day schedule of event that will attract some of the best surfing talent in the world!
Besides the surfing competition, the Invitational will also feature a street party, concert, and extreme sports demonstrations. But the hallmark of the event is bringing awareness to the seriousness of skin cancer. Like in the past, there will be certified physicians and assistants on hand administering free skin cancer screenings.  Last year’s festival netted 178 screenings with more than half of them with various stages of skin cancer.

Plan on attending? Click here to view the full schedule. To find lodging in near Cocoa Beach, visit our official website


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