Brevard Zoo & County Partnership Paves Way For Nature Trail

In a joint effort with the Brevard County Parks and Recreation , the Viera Company, the Brevard Zoo is paving way for a ten-foot wide elevated 1.1-mile walking, running and bicycling trail, which would pass over wetlands and oak hammock areas east of Interstate 95.

The project which has been in the works for almost ten years, is being funded through bond money approved in a 2000 voter referendum for South Brevard recreational projects.

Made with recycled plastic wood, the project is estimated to cost about $1.9 million. In addition, the county has already spent about $500,000 for costs related to engineering, design and property acquisition.

Although the Brevard County Parks and Recreation has paid for all the planning and the eventual construction of the trail,  the Zoo would be responsible for annual maintenance. In return, the Zoo would get the use of 54 much-needed parking spaces near the start of the trail and would have the right to operate concession areas offering bike rentals and refreshments.

Expanding the trail is also in the works by way of linking it with other existing bike trails. In turn this would connect Viera to the beaches east of the Pineda Causeway.


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