NY Nicks Jeremy Lin Tries Hand At Another Sport…Fishing

Harvard graduate and NBA New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has taken the world by storm. No longer a bench warmer, Lin is the hottest point guard in the NBA and making a real name for himself in the sport of basketball. However during the recent NBA All Star Weekend in Orlando, Florida, Lin decided to try his hand at another sport…fishing.

In a recent interview, Jeremy Lin was asked what he had planned to do for the NBA All Star weekend break. He responded, “Spend time with my family and friends and go fishing.”

And that’s what he did.

NY Knicks Jeremy Lin with his catch

Jeremy and his family, which included his mother, siblings, cousin and best friends planned an exclusive inshore fishing trip with Captain Pete Flaherty, owner of Orlando Outdoor Adventures. Which isn’t all that surprising considering the Space Coast offers anglers three unique saltwater estuaries, the Banana River, the Indian River, and the Mosquito Lagoon. These three lagoons make up the Indian River Lagoon system, which contains an abundance of fish to catch from redfish, sea trout, dolphin, snook, wahoo, white marlin and tarpon to name a few. In fact, Florida’s Space Coast is known as the Redfish capital of the world.

“Jeremy seemed to be looking forward to a relaxing afternoon out on the water with just his family and friends. So, I made every effort to keep his fishing adventure confidential. We just fished and had a great time. It was just like hanging out with my old buddies who I used to play basketball with. It was awesome!” said Captain Pete.

The weather and limited time was a bit of a challenge but Captain Pete was able to put Jeremy on some Redfish. “It was a cold windy day so we fished the Cocoa Beach Thousand Islands. The natural mangrove islands provide a lot of protection from the elements and I spotted a huge Redfish right as we started scouting,” said Peter.

“Growing up I was fortunate enough to have one of the most unique fisheries in the world as my backyard, the Indian River Lagoon. My brother Philip and I would spend countless hours exploring the estuary’s creatures. Fishing was second nature to us and became a daily ritual.”

So does Lin have any plans to continue in the sport?

“Jeremy said he plans to come back so we can fish together again. I can’t wait to put him on a big Redfish. He seems to have the same passion for fishing that I do and I look forward to our next fishing adventure,” said Captain Pete.

Captain Pete also documents his clients fishing adventures with unique video footage so they can share their ‘fish tails’ with friends and family on You Tube. A selection of some of his videos are featured on his website http://www.OrlandoOutdoorAdventures.com.

Orlando Outdoor Adventures will soon be offering kayak fishing trips to some of Captain Pete’s favorite and secluded fishing holes. He also has plans to extend his flats fishing fleet.

Article courtesy of Island Boat Lines.


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