Local Grassroots Helps Visitors Explore Florida’s Space Coast

Destinations always struggle with the best way to put their best foot forward. Recently, Florida’s Space Coast Office of Tourism received an extra push from two grassroot campaigns dedicated to showcasing the natural beauty and wonder of our area to potential visitors.

A little under a year ago, the Tourism Development Council solicited the help of local residents to come up with a list of the Space Coast’s “Hidden Gems” or their favorite places where they thought visitors could gain a better insight into all our area has to offer.   

Through three public meetings, the Hidden Gems self-guided adventures was born.  Envisioned and written about by Space Coast residents the adventures give inside tips on how to enjoy our area and an insider’s knowledge of just what you might find on our coast.  The self-guided adventures are broken up into four themes: Wildlife, History, Space and Shopping. And each adventure is broken up into a geographical encounter pertaining to a particular area so visitors can take their time and really immerse themselves.

The Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway Coalition also provides a self-guided adventure or scenic byway with a main emphasis on  the Indian River Lagoon and it’s most scenic natural, recreational and cultural features. 

The Indian River Lagoon National Scenic Byway  new website also lists points of interest but also provides a really a handy interactive map that highlights not only dozens of attractions, but the delicate expanses of three national wildlife refuges, a national seashore and numerous state and local parks, and sanctuaries along the way. 

The Coalition hopes that the byway will allos travelers to enjoy the Space Coast by the roadside or by getting “off the beaten path” through sailing, swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking and biking.
For information about both websites or if you need ways to explore our area on your next vist, click on their official logos below:

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