It’s Packing Season on the Space Coast!

It’s packing season on the Space Coast and you know what that means, the local orange groves are operating at full steam!  So, I decided to stop by one of our area’s oldest citrus growers, Harvey Groves.

Yes, they're really that orange!

In business since 1926, Harvey Groves started out as a roadside stand, like many orange groves in Florida, but with only “a few oranges, some grapefruit and an old hand squeezer”. 

Grapefruit packed and ready to walk out the door

Over the years, Harvey Groves has grown from a only a few pieces of fruit to over 350 acres, three retail stores and a direct shipping operation that sends fruits to every corner of the globe.  

Packers reading fruit to be shipped

Just like in the past, you can still stop into their “roadside” store and hand pick your own fruit. You can watch employees grade and pack citrus that will be shipped to practically every where in the world. Or you can sample a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice and some of the honeybell oranges straight off the tree.

The OJ was nice and cold!

If you’re on the Space Coast and want to stop in, Harvey’s Groves like many other orange growers in the area their packing house is only open during the fall and winter months.

People picking their own citrus

If you’re interested in other orange groves on Florida’s Space Coast here’s a list:

*Baxley Citrus Grove

*Bunkley’s Grove

*Golden Isle Citrus

*George Groves, Inc.

*May Groves

*Policicchio Groves

*Sullivan Victory Groves


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