Delta 4 Rocket Ready To Rock the Space Coast

Photo Courtesy of NASA

The launch of the Shuttle Atlantis marked the end of the shuttle program in the United States as we know it, but it doesn’t hail the end of the Space Program.

In fact, less than a week later United Space Alliance is prepared to launch the Delta 4 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Station on Thursday, July 14

With an open launch window of 2:49 am – 3:08 am in the morning, the Delta 4 launch is going to be a beautiful since night time launches always afford you better visibility of a launching orbital.

Althought Kennedy Space Center will be closed to traffic, you can practically watch the launch anywhere on the Space Coast, but I would recommend parking yourself on the Indian River or the beach. 

Built by Boeing, the Delta 4 rocket will deploy the Air Force’s second BLOCK 2F navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System. The satellite will replace the GPS BLOCK II satellites which were launched between 1990 and 1997 and were designed to last 7.5 years. 

 Have you ever seen a night launch?

The next rocket launch on the Space Coast will be the Atlas 5 rocket on August 5, 2011.


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