Brevard County Manatees Treats Fans on Opening Day

Florida State League season returns to the Space Coast as the Brevard County Manatees hosts its opening game against the Daytona Cubs at Space Coast Stadium tonight.

As a special treat to baseball fans, the Manatees have waived admission and parking fees, there will be a magnet-schedule giveaway, a fireworks show following the game and it’s also Thirsty Thursday were all Budweiser and Coca-Cola Products are free.

Stadium gates’ will open at 6 p.m. and the first pitch is set for 7:05 p.m.

For a complete schedule of Brevard Manatees season visit their official website.  To purchase tickets, take advantage of the Manatee 10-pack.   The 10-pack includes 10 undated game tickets for $50.   You can use the tickets to treat yourself and 9 friends to a ballgame or treat yourself to 10 games. The 10-pack is a pretty good deal since it saves you $20 compared to buying all 10 tickets individually.   2011 10-pack order forms can be downloaded here and can be mailed back to Space Coast Stadium with payment, faxed to (321) 633-4418 with payment information or brought to the stadium during business hours.


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