A Perfect Day To Pick Strawberries

This past weekend on the Space Coast we experienced picture perfect weather.  So a co-worker of mine decided to take her family to the northern most parts of our county to explore some off-the-beaten track places and some new ones as well and was kind enough to share her day with us. 

Instead of visiting the usual must-see attractions like Kennedy Space Center or Cape Canaveral Seashore, they spent the day picking strawberries at Sledd’s Strawberries and Produce Farm in Mims, FL, walking through Chain of Lakes and having a late lunch at the newly opened Max Brewer Bridge’s fishing pier.

Mr. Sledd and two happy customers!

Sitting on thirty acres in North Brevard,  Sledd’s Strawberries and Produce Farm opens their strawberry fields to the general public from February through early April to pick their own produce.  The farm also has fresh squeezed orange juice, cabbage, and soon to be onions.

Strawberries bigger as your hand!

Before you go, don’t forget to bring a container to put your strawberries since Sledd’s doesn’t provide baskets.   Picking is free, but the strawberries aren’t but the price is incredibly cheap.

After loading up their car, they then headed to Titusville’s Chain of Lakes.  A popular sport facility, this ninety-two acre park is beautiful!  Every inch of the property is utilized for wetlands and lakes with walking bridges and a 3-miles of paved walking trails. The property also features a birdwatching tower and fifteen fields for soccer and softball.  Do you see the alligator floating in the center?


After walking the strawberry fields and the park and before heading home, they decided to stop for lunch at Cracker Jacks located at A. Max Brewer Bridge.  Recently opened, the bridge spans the Indian River in Titusville and connects the city to the barrier island, opened to the public. It provides access to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the beaches, and the Kennedy Space Center.  The bridge also features a 300-foot long fishing pier on the west bank under the north side of the bridge.

Outside Crackerjacks Seafood & Tiki Bar Crackerjacks Seafood & Tiki Bar is operated by Capital Seas, Inc., under contract with Brevard County. The concession also includes a bait shop offering bait and tackle for sale, with shrimping lights and poles available to rent. Use of electricity by patrons bringing their own lights will also be available for a fee. Outdoor tiki bar overlooking Indian River @ Crackerjacks

The pier, owned by the City of Titusville and operated by Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department through an interlocal agreement, was severely damaged during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and had to be completely replaced.  The deck of the new pier has been lowered half the distance to the water, making it much more suitable for shrimping. The pier is also fully accessible for the handicapped.  For more information on things to do in the northern part of Brevard County or anywhere on Florida’s Space Coast visit: www.space-coast.com

Want to go picking? Here’s a list of local farms that open their doors to the general public:




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