Washington Nats Continue Promotional Offers to Draw Crowds

There’s nothing more American than baseball and there’s nothing more baseball than Special Promotion Days, which teams use as an incentive to pack the seats on game days.  I don’t know about you, but I actually look forward to seeing what the teams offers are especially the minor league teams.  Their offers tend to get a little whacky.  For example hometown minor league team the Brevard Manatees will offer up Awful Night, which offers up the worst atmosphere ever on a game night and Bingo Night where fans play bingo while watching the game.     

 The Washington Nationals are no slumps in this area either.  Before the season even started, they’ve offered special promotions to fans in the Washington D.C. area with their Washington Nationals Winter Tour 2010.  Their giving back to their fans continues during the Spring Training season with more than a dozen promotional days.  Recently, they sent out their spring training pocket calendars listing all of the home game promotional games.  Here’s the complete list: 

March 6,     Opening Day

March 8, 9, 16    Brevard County Resident Days

March 11     Military Appreciation Day

March 12    Washington Nationals Dream Foundation Day

March 14    Little League Day

March 15    Pro-Health & Fitness Night

March 19    Ladies Night

March 20   United Way Day

March 25   Fireworks Night

March 28   Candle Lighters of Brevard Day

March 29   Fan Appreciation Day

For the Washington Nationals’ entire spring training schedule visit: www.space-coast.com/Calendar



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