Living For The Moment Inspires New CBS Pilot

Live for the Moment.  This catchphrase seem to ring more true today than it has at any other moment.  Due to our present financial climate which has resulted in lost jobs, homes, and retirement accounts, people are paring down their desire for material things and looking to shared experiences to make themselves happy.  And as a result they are changing their lives and possibly others as well.

The new CBS pilot “Live For The Moment,” created and hosted by Jeff Probst, of Survivor fame, dives head first into this “tried and true” phenomenon of Living Life To the Fullest by taking people on a series of adventures and experiences that create special life moments with their family and friends.  And by the end of the show the person will then share their insights on how they now live their life differently and, in doing so, will possibly change the way others live, too.

The pilot episode, which will air on Thursday, January 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS, will feature a 38-year-old Colorado man, Roger Childs, who’s biggest passions is space.  Diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Roger and his family travel to Florida Space Coast and take a tour of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the Apollo/Saturn V Center, meet Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and witness the launch of STS-119, their first time ever seeing a space shuttle launch in person.

For a preview of the episode, visit:


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