US Airways Restarts Service to Melbourne, FL

US Airways announced on Monday morning that they will resume air service between their hub Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC and Melbourne International Airport located in Melbourne, FL.

Richard Sheinwald/ Bloomberg News

The world’s fifth largest airline will offer three flights a day seven days a week service beginning February 11, 2010 putting them in direct competition with the only other major carrier at Melbourne International Airport — Delta Airlines.

US Airways operated out of Melbourne International Airport from 1989 to 1997 and will be a very welcome addition to the airports current lineup. 


One thought on “US Airways Restarts Service to Melbourne, FL

  1. This is so great! I’ve always flown US Airways but they never had a direct link to Melbourne and since I work in Palm Bay from time to time, I always had to drive from Orlando or Jacksonville and it was such a pain! Now that this is happening, I’m going to have a much easier time! Work in Palm Bay isn’t so bad with the beach and nice atmosphere. The Palm Bay Hotel ( is a very business oriented hotel with a very large convention center but it is also a great place to stay! Far too affordable not too!

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