NASA Launches New iPhone Application

390825main_missions_160NASA has launched itself into a different king of space. Mobile Space.  With the development of their very first iPhone application, designed by their New Media Team at NASA Ames Research Center.  The new mobile app is set to deliver up-to-the-minute NASA content directly from Agency sources in one easy-to-use mobile platform.

The software, which is free, makes use of built-in iPhone features and usability to offer NASA information in the form of dynamically updated information, images from their vast library and video links.  The NASA App is available in the App Store  from Apple directly to the iPhone and iPod Touch or within iTunes.

To send a comment or ask a question about the NASA app for iPhone, please send e-mail to:  So that they can sort e-mail and respond more effectively, please include a specific subject line.

NASA’s next launch into outer space is scheduled for November 16 STS-Mission 129.



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