Melbourne International Airport Lands New Air Service



Last week, the Melbourne Airport Authority unanimously approved entering into an agreement with Direct Air.  a Myrtle, S.C carrier looking to provide service between Melbourne International Airport and Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C.  Currently, Delta Air Lines is Melbourne International’s only major commercial carrier. All Delta flights are routed through its hub at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The service which is planned to begin this fall on Florida’s Space Coast, would likely be offered every Thursday and Sunday.  Base fares will begin at $99 one way, which excludes baggage, taxes and other fees.   Direct Air will also provide additional service between Melbourne and Lansing, Mich., and Niagara Falls, N.Y.  

 Direct Air began operations in March 2007 as Myrtle Beach Direct Air. It uses three different jets, the 163-seat MD-80, the 150-seat 737-400 and the 105-seat DC-9, although it was not clear which would be used in its Melbourne flights.  

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