Surfers Chase East Coast Crown in King of the Groms Qualifier

_ID-8-3-largequiklivev2From June 6-11, East Coast surfers will take to the warm waters off Sebastian Inlet  to compete in one of only two U.S. qualifiers for Quicksilver’s King of the Groms World Championships, an event held alongside the ASP World Tour. 

The event which is only for those under 16, involves several events where competitots compete for “skin”.  In order to win a “Skin” the surfer must raise his hands above his head in what is termed a “claim” after what he or she thinks is a high scoring ride.  The judges then assess the wave and the score is announced and the surfer must exit the water.  The remaining surfers then have the duration of the heat to “claim” their wave and top the high score. 

The surfer at the end of the competition with the most “Skins” will be crowned East Coast King and receive an allexpenses paid trip to France and a spot at the World Championship in France this summer where they will compete against 15 other regional kings for the world title. 

In addition to the “kingly” prize, competitors can also win up to $900 in cash for winning their heats and claiming the “Skin” ($100).

For Quicksilver’s King of the Groms complete schedule or registration information.


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