NASA Updates Launch Schedule

NASA has finally cleared Space Shuttle Discovery for launch.  After a scrubbed mission due to a techinical malfunction, NASA has rescheduled the launch of Shuttle Discovery for February 22 at 3:31 a.m. in the morning.

Headed to the International Space Station, Shuttle Discovery will deliver the Starboard 6 truss segment, giving the station its fourth and final set of power-generating solar wings.

NASA also changed the May launch date for the Space Shuttle Endeavor which is set to make be the 29th U.S. mission to the International Space Station. Delivering the external experiment platform for the Japanese science laboratory facilities. The new launch date is set for June 13.

NASA also added an additional shuttle flight for December 10.  The Space Shuttle Endeavour will deliver the final connecting node, Node 3, and the Cupola, a robotic control station with six windows around its sides and another in the center that provides a 360-degree view around the International Space Station.


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