Shuttle Discovery Feb. 12 Launch Scrubbed…

photo courtesy of NASA
photo courtesy of NASA


The Space Shuttle Discovery launch for February 12 has been scrubbed.  And according to NASA officials, the flight will not be launched any earlier than February 19 due to the need to evaluate possible flow control valve damage that could be experienced during liftoff.  The flow control valves channel gaseous hydrogen from the main engines to the external fuel tank during launch. The three valves were removed from Discovery, inspected and reinstalled in preparation for the upcoming flight. 

Discussions will take place before a shuttle meeting on Feb. 10 to decide the best way to proceed for launching the Shuttle Discovery.  So for now, Shuttle Discovery will remain on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center.

Discovery’s crew of seven astronauts are to install the last large set of solar arrays on the space station. Three sets of arrays already are installed on the orbiting laboratory and are being used to convert sunlight into electricity.


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