“Robot Love” More than Just Nuts & Bolts

Kat VanD Girl by Chris Bronson
Kat VanD Girl by Chris Bronson

 In an effort to attract younger patrons, the Brevard Art Museum has found itself thinking out of the proverbial box of late.  

If the three month showing of popular culture icon Annie Leibovitz’s “Women” exhibit wasn’t enough, the museum recently offered up “Robot Love: Two Rapturous Nights of Art, Music, and Love to astonishing success, even drawing the  likes of world champion surfer CJ Hobgood or was it Damien…hmm.

  The reason I say ‘astonishing’ is because for a long time the showcasing of popular culture has been rather non-existant on Florida’s Space Coast. Now,  thanks to the Annie Leibovitz and “Robot Love” that’s no longer true.  

A  three-day artpalooza, which I had the pleasure of catching this past weekend, “Robot Love” featured local and regional talent blended with a fashion show, a handful of live bands, wicked DJs, cash bar, and even yummy tacos.  


Showcased in the Ruth Cote Clemente Science Center,  the museum’s old science center and former home of a  hands-on children’s exhibit, the exhibit had a warehouse feel, which seemed right in tune with the more than five dozen pieces on display.
Slow Spray Paint Cans by Casey Decotis
Slow Spray Paint Cans by Casey Decotis

Even though the centerpiece of the exhibit was a life-size, glass robot constructed by Eric Layton a glazier/artist from Orlando, FL., other pieces local guerilla  artisits, photographers, sculptors, and even a custom bike maker, yelled for patron’s attention as well.

Intrigued by many of the exhibit’s pieces, I found myself really liking local photographer Casey DeCotis‘ work.  I always find it a joy when artist take such simple things as a seat on the subway or spray paint cans and turns them into these extraordinary things in which you wouldn’t mind looking at for hours.  Where before, you simply walked by without a second look. 
The proverbial jack-of-all-trades, Casey supposedly moonlights as both an advertising executive and professional photographer, but also a resident spin doctor at Foo Bar in historic Downtown Melbourne

 The event was curated for the musuem by Kevon Greenidge, pop culture enthusiast and owner of 321 Agency, a marketing and online company.


2 thoughts on ““Robot Love” More than Just Nuts & Bolts

  1. Hello There,

    Thank you very much for the kind words on Robot Love We really felt the community was craving an event like this and it was truly a pleasure to see the response.

    I wanted to make one correction. The giant glass robot was actually constructed by Eric Layton a glazier/artist from Orlando, FL.

    The high school students you referred to were responsible for the construction of the giant hot pink robot, which was built with the ability to paint pictures via remote control. They competed in the National FIRST robotic competitions with their design.

    Ryan Speer
    Creative Director for 321 Agency

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