The Nutcracker.Pure Magic…for once!

This past weekend I was treated to one of the most magical productions of one of the most perennial holiday favorites – The Nutcracker performed by the local Space Coast Ballet .


I hate to say it, but The Nutcracker has never done it for me.  I rank it up there with receiving fruit cake for Christmas or socks.  Of course, this is coming from a person who’s favorite holiday tv special is “The Year Without a Santa Claus” featuring my favorite holiday villain  The Heat Miser!


HOWEVER, I will never have the same opinion of this fairy-tale ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and tells the tale of Clara who is gifted with the gift of a toy nutcracker (awful gift in my opinion) for Christmas.  Her brother jealous of the gift breaks it, so Clara goes to bed heartbroken.

During the night, Clara dreams she’s attacked by mice, her toy nutcracker comes to life and saves her, then transforms into a handsome prince and takes her to his mythical kingdom where they are entertained by envoys from around the world.  Unfortunately, Clara wakes up from her dream and her Prince Charming is now the toy – now completely repaired- she’d been gifted with in the beginning.

In the past, admittedly The Nutcraker put me into sleeping stupor, but never again because the Space Coast Ballet with their magnificent sets, luscious costuming, and multitude of local and borrowed talent with the likes of Bolshoi Academy graduates, Anastasia Babayeva and Denis Gronostayskiy, who performed the principal roles of Clara and the Prince respectively.  Also, on hand were international artists Maxim Bondar, Vitali Metelkiy, Alex Kuxa and Dmitri Krivenko.    

Take it from me this production was pure magic.  It was so magical that the crowd who was made up mostly of children didn’t make a peep once the curtains were up!  And that in itself is a fantastical fete.

So, if you’re ever on the Space Coast during the holidays, I would highly recommend catching this holiday favorite! Or any Space Coast Ballet production.

Is The Nutcracker a holiday favorite of yours as well?  What’s your favorite holiday movie or TV special?


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