Color Within the Lines and Win a New Home…

     As everyone knows the housing market has hit all time lows.  But this blog is not touching on that considering we’ve heard it all before.  Instead, this post is about the positive things people are using to “unload” their debt riddled properties.

    Sebastian resident Scott Bernard has recently developed a contest called “” in which all one has to do is enter a coloring contest and they will have the opportunity to will a 1,500 square-foot, three bedroom, one bath home.

     Unfornately, Bernard purchased his charming ranch home during the peak of the housing boom which
practically exploded throughout our area.  Back in July 2005, Bernard bought his home for $217,000.  A decent deal back then, but since then the home has depreciated $80,000.  Therefore, if he were to put the home up for sale in today’s market he could only get $140,000.
357 Columbus St
357 Columbus St

      So, in order to avoid this shortfall, Benard and a friend came up with a unique idea to get rid of the home while helping the community.  Contestants, 18 years or older, can enter their coloring contest by coloring in — via marker, Crayon, paint, scrapbooking or other techniques, but nothing digital — a drawing of two ballet dancers and paying the $49 entry fee. 


Color inside the lines!
Color inside the lines!


    If the contest doesn’t produce the desired results (Bernard needs a minimum of 5,400) he will refund $43.50 to each participant. That’s the entry fee minus a $3.50 processing fee and a $2 charitable donation to Support Dance Inc., a nonprofit group in Lake Worth that funds dance programs primarily for impoverished youths.

You can find out more about the contest from Bernard’s official website:


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