Barak Obama Set to Land On Space Coast

Senator Barak Obama will land on Florida’s Space Coast this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Sen. Obama is scheduled to speak at a capacity audience of 875 at Brevard Community College‘s-Titusville Campus gymnasium, before heading over to the National Urban League Conference in Orlando, where he is scheduled to speak at 2:00 p.m.   Senator John McCain  took his turn before the Urban League this morning, where he received enthusiastic applause for his economic initiatives. 

The reason for the smaller venue?  The presumed Democratic candidate wanted a town-hall style setting in which the focus would be more on answering questions on his economic plan and most importantly his plans for the space industry.  In recent weeks, Senator Obama says that he seek to delay the Constellation Program now in development.  The Constellation Program is is aimed at returning man to the moon and then onto Mars

Outside DEC Offices, Rik Jesse for Florida Today
Outside DEC Offices, Rik Jesse for Florida Today

But it seems Space Coast Residents weren’t put off by the smaller venue because many of them lined up an hour before the local Democratic Executive Committee Office opened this morning for a free ticket to the event, which is required to attend.  Since the gym’s capacity is less than 900, tickets were given out in an hour.


Most recently, Rudy Guiliani toured Kennedy Space Center and made a stop at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum, where he appeared before 200 sign-waving supporters. 

During his 2004 campaign, John Kerry flew into Space Coast Regional Airport and then attended a town hall meeting about health care at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex.


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