Surfing Hall of Fame Moves…

        The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame  has a new home on the 3rd floor of the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, 4001 NA1A in Cocoa Beach.  The museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history and heritage of East Coast Surfing by memoralizing those people who were responsible for its development and growth, and to preserve, protect and display to the general public artifacts and historically valuable lore of East Coast Surfing .

Some of the Hall of Fame’s inductees include:  John Hannon, Mimi Munro, Cecil Lear, Skip Savage, Yancy Spencer, Kathy Jo Anderson, David Aaron, Ed Fawess, Jim Phillips, Joe Roland, Bill “Flea” Shaw, Babe Braithwaite, Sam Gornto, Bob Hawkins, Mike Howes, and Buddy Peletier.


2 thoughts on “Surfing Hall of Fame Moves…

    1. I would contact Cocoa Beach Surfing Company since that is where the Hall of Fame is housed. The corporate number for them is 321.799.9921. Ask for Niki Wheat she’s pretty much clued into everything that goes on inside the company and within the local surfing scene.

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