NASA’s Spacesuit Evolution

I know the other day I gave you all a snapshot of Nasa’s newly contracted future spacesuits.  Today, on NASA‘s website, I stumbled across flightsuits of old and I was rather surprised that they really haven’t changed all that much.  I’ve included a slideshow of the suits here in this post.  Oh, by the way don’t forget that NASA is offering two FREE complimentary passes to tour John F. Kennedy Space Center  on Florida’s Space Coast with any 2-night stay at a participating hotel.  Go to (just love the url for that one) for more info…

  (Gordon Cooper, Mercury Mission Flight Suit, 1959)
    (Neil Armstrong – Gemini G-2C Suit)
 (Gus Grissom & John Young – Gemini Mission 1965)
 (Ed White – Gemini IV, 1965)
( Bill Smyth, Apollo Suit test, 1968)
  (Buzz Aldrin, Moon Mission – 1969)
(Alan Shepard, Lunar Mission – 1971)
 (Space Shuttle Ejection Suit, 1981)
 (Space Shuttle Launch Suit, 1981)
 (Bruce McCandless Floating in Space unthetered, 1984)
 (future flight suit testing Moses Lake, Washington, June 2008)

The next Space Shuttle Mission is scheduled for October 8, 2008.  For tickets to see the launch go to  However, you can see and hear the shuttle from anywhere on Florida’s Space Coast.  For hotel deals go to .


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