Flexitarians…vegetarians who cheat

While browsing through today’s issue of Florida Today newspaper, I came across an interesting article regarding vegetarians newest converts.  The flexitarian.  And upon reading it, I realized that I myself am one as well.

What’s a flexitarian you might ask?  Well according to the American Dialect Society (didn’t even know such an organization even existed) flexitarian has been around since the early 90’s and is used to describe an omnivore whose diet is comprised mostly of vegetarian meals, but sometimes include meat or fish.

What’s even more interesting is that even though only 3 percent of the American population is vegetarian.  The Vegetarian Resource Group, a national organization that tracks vegetarianism in the United States, also found that during a recent poll only 7% of people polled “always” ate meat with their meals when dining out.  Only 8% said “often”, 40% said “sometimes, and a whopping 41% said “never”.

Even though I’m a little surprised at the results, I’m not really keeling over in shock, especially when in my opinion a flexitarian is simply a vegetarian who cheats once in a while or a meat eater who simply abstains.  Plus, aren’t we more health conscious today and more informed about the foods we put in our bodies. And we all know about how ‘pumped’ up meat is now a days.

And we all know the well known saying…eat more fruits and vegetables.  Therefore its no wonder the popularity of organic foods sold in grocery stores, farmer’s markets (the subject of yesterday’s post) and All vegetarian/organic restaurants, like the Jungle Organic Restaurant and Market  located in Indialantic.  Whose most popular vegetarian dishes selected by meat eaters are its Baked Stuffed Portobella filled with spinach, cheese tomato, and fresh garlic served over baby spinach, and the Burrito in a whole wheat tortilla topped with sour cream and salsa. 

Well whatever the reason for being a flexitarian – the new “ocassional” omnivore who abstains- whether it be the unappetizing appeal of how cattle and chicken is raised, to lowering one’s cholesterol, or simply the desire to try new flavors…you can safely bet flexitarian is here to stay.    




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