NASA Revises Launch Schedule

      NASA has revised their launch schedule for the remaining months of 2008.  Here is an abbreviated listing. The launch schedule is so busy; NASA even has scheduled two launches in one day: The Space Shuttle Endeavor and the Atlas 5 rocket.


September, 9, 2008        Delta 4-H • NROL-26             

September, 11, 2008      Delta 2 • GPS 2R-21                    

October, 8, 2008             Shuttle Atlantis                      

November, 10, 2008        Atlas 5 • WGS SV                  

November 10, 2008        Shuttle Endeavour                   

November, 13, 2008         Delta II -United Launch Alliance

November, 24, 2008       Atlas 5 • LRO              

December, 1, 2008         United Launch Alliance Atlas V                      

December 4, 2008           Shuttle Discovery

December, 12, 2008        Delta 4 • GOES O

For a more detailed listing of the scheduled go to: or


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