Surf Report

Cocoa Beach Surf Company’s

Daily Surf Report

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


High: 8:38A, 3.52ft
Low: 2:35P, -.77 ft


1 Mile: 2 ft @ 8 sec
20 Mile: 3 ft @ 9 sec.


Water: 77°
Air: 80°

Cocoa Beach Current Surf Conditions:

Little Lines: 1 foot, if you are lucky… semi-clean… but pretty flat.

Cocoa Beach Surf Forecast:

For the next few days you are gonna want to check around at different spots for the best surf.
Knee high E/ESE background swell/windswell.
1-2’ E/ESE windswell. Winds are E/ESE 10-15kts.
2-3’ ESE windswell/background swell.
ESE windswell continues for the region.

Courtesy of  Cocoa Beach Surf Company

Florida Space Coast Office of Tourism


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