Top Ten Reasons Why I’m NOT An Astronaut

Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Not An Astronaut  


The Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to blast off this afternoon at 2:47 p.m. from Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s Space Coast.  Everytime a launch takes off I become starry eyed and want to reach beyond the stars.  But, then I realize that being an astronaut isn’t  all what its cracked up to be at least for me anyway.  Therefore, in honor of the 24th mission to the International Space Station I have compiled my list of

The Top Ten Reasons Why I’m NOT An Astronaut:

10. I flunked High School Physics

9.  Nasa hasn’t developed anti-gravity nail polish for my weekly manicures

8. No Dominoes Delivery

7. I hate having helmet hair

6. I get vicious motion sickness

5. NASA refuses to reimburse me for mileage

4. Moon Boots went out in the 1980s

3. No karoke and mega margarita nights!

2. Talk about long distance roaming charges!

1. The Nearest 7-11 is 1,242,739,898 miles 

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