Robotic Dinosaurs Invade Brevard Zoo

Robotic Dinosaurs Invade Brevard Zoo  


Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Well probably all the smaller animals that ended up as their lunch… But no need to fear the new exhibit opening at the Brevard Zoo on February 16 and running for three month thereafter. Why you ask?

Well supposedly all the dinosaurs on exhibit at Planet Dinosaur although LIFE-SIZE are all animated, robotic dinosaurs. The Planet Dinosaur adventure begins when you travel back in time to Pangaea, the prehistoric mega continent, when it was breaking up to form the modern world. As you travel through the interactive exhibit you see about eight scenes of prehistoric Dinosaur bliss. But instead of just looking you get in on the fun.

For instance, upon arriving in Australia, the challenge will be to climb over a “hot” sand pit on a rope system. To get to Africa, you have to cross the Pacific Ocean. Want to go on to South America? You better put on your hiking books because you have to trek across the Andes Mountains. And once you’ve reached the end you even get the chance to unearth large bones and pan for fossils using a sluice.

According to Andrea Hill, Marketing Director for the zoo “the mix of these realistic, robotic creatures and the challenging activities will make for an unforgettable adventure.”

The temporary exhibit runs February 16 to May 11, 2008 and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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