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QUIK Tow-At Surfing Added to Ron Jon Beach N’ Boards Fest

New PictureRon Jon Surf Shop and Quiksilver recently added an invitation-only QUIK Tow-At surfing event to the Ron Jon Beach ‘N Boards Fest at Cocoa Beach’s Shepard Park.

A spin-off of the Association of Surfing Professionals-sanctioned 3-star  Ron Jon Quiksilver Junior Pro surfing contest, QUIK Tow-At surfing entails athletes being sling shot into waves while surfing behind a personal watercraft at speeds approaching 20 miles-per-hour or more.  The resulting effects are deep gouging turns and huge aerials not possible through traditional paddle surfing.

The winner take all contest will include 10 surfers, with the champion taking home $1,000.00.  The  QUIK Tow-At will take about two hours to compete, with the time frame and date announced in early March.

“The QUIK Tow-At may likely be the most exciting part of the whole surfing contest,” said Quiksilver’ s East Coast Promotions Manager and tow-at surfing pioneer Matt Kechele.  “From a spectator’s standpoint, it is exciting, action-packed and easy to understand as it is all about the guys going big.”

The Ron Jon Beach ‘N Boards Fest is a multi-day celebration of boarding that will feature a slew of competitions and demonstrations in several board sports, including surf, skate, skim, stand-up paddle, kite boarding and more.  The event will also feature a collegiate beach volleyball tournament, daily live music on two stages and an action sports film festival.

Additional information on the Ron Jon Beach ‘N Boards Fest can be found at www.BeachNBoardsfest.com.

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Just 35 miles east of Orlando, you'll find 72 miles of picturesque Florida beaches known as Florida's Space Coast.

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